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Affordable Monthly Website Business Plans

February 25, 2021

Affordable Monthly Website Business Plans


At Influential Studio, we offer flexible and affordable website design monthly payment plans customized to your needs. We are here to provide cutting-edge websites for small business owners like you. We have bundled excellent services to simple and affordable plans. All monthly web design package features include hosting, optimization, updates, daily backups, 24/7 security monitoring, and performance tuning, among other services. 

With Influential Studio, you’re covered with an excellent support team and a 100% satisfaction guarantee! Plus, get all the perks of no long-term contracts, clear-cut pricing. Did you know that most website design businesses do not offer monthly website plans? Influential Studio focuses on business website design and provides a monthly website design solution. Most new customers either have a more senior website or have designed their first website when the business first launched.

Influential Studio designs optimized, responsive websites to search engines, social media, and online advertising. Your website is continuously maintained and updated so that you can focus on your business. 

No Long-Term Contracts + No Large Upfront Costs = No Risk To You


The Other Alternatives to Monthly Website Design Plans

There are two other options, and they can be time-intensive or costly.

  1. One-time upfront investment
  2. Do it your website solution

Affordable Monthly Website Business Plans - Influential Studio

Issues With The Do-it-yourself Website Alternative

While it is entirely possible to DIY and design your website. There is a lot that goes into it, and to give your business the best chance of success, you need to learn a lot or have an expert do it for you. If you did decide to go this route, you still have a monthly price to pay each month. 

Issues With The One-time Investment Website Solution

The large sum website solution is a traditional model where you pay for the website development upfront and get a high-quality website to invest 3,000-7,000+. Once it is up and running, you have to pay extra for the maintenance plan, or it will quickly become outranked and outdated over (a short period of) time.

Why Are Pay Per Month Websites Ideal For Your Small Business?

Recent monthly payment websites are becoming popular among many small business owners compared to one-time website design packages. There are several causes as to why one should think of a monthly website design. Let’s examine why you should join business owners who have decided to pay for monthly website design for their business websites at Influential Studio.

Fully Managed For You

All websites developed under our monthly packages are covered by our WordPress plans. As long as you renew your monthly website subscription, we will continuously protect, monitor, and fix your website. Some perks won’t apply to you for clients who have enrolled in the personal website package. 


5 Benefits of a Small Business Website


Security Monitoring

Website security is critical when it comes to running a business website. Every day, thousands of websites get hacked while millions of business websites register a hack attempt. Our monthly packages are security-driven design packaged. We monitor your website 24/7 and keep your website clear of intruders. At Influential Studio, customer websites’ security comes first.

Monthly website packages are intended to make it easy for any willing business owner to get a steady online presence and grow their businesses without undergoing the burden of paying a large one-time payment for their website. Our monthly web design packages are not only affordable but are deserving much more as compared to other plans offered online. Running a website is expensive, but you shouldn’t have to pay $15,000 to start. Our most costly pay-per-month website plan goes for just $300.

Monthly Technical Support

If you have never operated a website before, you probably don’t know how websites act at times. One moment a website is working just precisely, and in a few minutes, your website is offline! Our monthly website packages take this pain away. When you pay for a monthly website design plan here, we got you covered that your website will always be online for your customers. 


Convenience & Backups

Our monthly web design packages include backups, so if anything ever does happen, we can have back up and running in a matter of minutes. With website design packages, we take care of your website while you focus on your customers. You don’t have to keep fretting about someone hacking your website or a malicious person injecting some malware.

Click the button below if you would like more information about how our pay per month website design packages can help grow your business online today! 

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